04 May 2012

Face of the Day | Real Teal

Today I had almost all my nieces and nephew over and they decided to have a masquerade ball! Unfortunately for me my insanely huge, teased hair snapped the string on my super cheap-o mask :( Instead of whipping up another I decided to whip up a makeup look inspired by our little theme and thus, THIS look was born!

Basically, I started with Black Radiance gel liner and extended my lower lash line out and up toward the end of my brow. Next, I started from the inner corner of my eye and lined the top as usual, creating a triangle to connect it to the extending bottom line. I then filled in the triangle, first with gel liner then set it with a black eyeshadow. I cleaned up the look with ELF Complete Coverage Concealer. I lined the waterline with Avon eyeliner in Turquoise. I highlighted the inner corner with NYX Ultra Pearl Mania shadow in Oro Pearl. I finished the look with a coat of Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara. Products for the rest of the face are listed below.

Foundation: MAC Matchmaster in 9.0
Blush: MAC Restores Dazzle Creme Blush
Setting: ELF HD Powder
Lips: NYX Purple Rain Lip Liner, Kiss Magenta Lipstick, ELF Minty Gloss


  1. Hooo I love your winged eye!

    I'm checking you because of your post on Beautylish for new followers :D you got a new one here!

    check out my blog too

  2. Oh thank you!

    Checking you out now =)


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