26 June 2012

My Thoughts: While You Were Sleeping

I've been MIA for a long while and I probably will be for an even longer while. Thought I'd leave you with an important piece of me (mine).

While you were sleeping
I died inside
I lost the faith
I abandoned my pride

While your eye movements became rapid
My soul became vapid
I lost it like I never had it
While you were sleeping

While your eyes were closed
I composed this prose
Hoping one day you would know
Despite my actions, I loved you so.

Although my selfishness doesn't show it
I loved you more than you know, kid
But I had to reap it 'cause I sowed it
While you were sleeping.

03 June 2012

New Launch: intiMINT

Exciting news, ladies!
In partnership with The Zoe Report, the company responsible for JewelMint, BeachMint and the newly announced HomeMint have announced the newest venture in their network, intiMint. As you may know, each company specializes in specific areas of shopping - Homemint in home decor, Jewelmint in jewelry and accessories, etc. - and, in line, intiMint will be specializing in intimate lingerie and sleepwear. Also, in expected fashion, this line is represented by a celebrity spokesperson, Brooke Burke-Charvet. (Who's 40+ body is putting mine to SHAME!!) You can get a sneak preview here: http://launch.intimint.com?lrRef=5dJPM

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