13 March 2012

Make Yourself a Sleep Mask!

So you can probably tell by now that I'm OBSESSED with animal print, right?
Well, I had this leopard print skirt that ended up being far too short in the back (weeps!)
so I repurposed it into this gorgeous sleep mask. And if you have any scrap fabric, you can, too!

You'll need:
  • Small amount (like less than 1/4 yd) of any fabric you have. Since this is going on your eyes you want it to be something comfy. This one is jersey but a satin-y polyester would be a good choice too. 
  • Scrap paper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Marker
  • 1" Elastic
  • The lace is optional. I just had it left over and thought it would be a cute touch. 
  • The sewing machine is also optional. If you can hand stitch a zig zag stitch you don't need one. If not, AND you don't have a sewing machine, you can use fabric glue. Sewing it will serve you longer, though. 
1. Fold paper in half. Use a curved ruler or jar or anything circular you have to draw a semicircle within about 1/4 of the folded half of the paper. Don't close the circle, draw lines up to edge of folded line. Cut out.

2.  Open the pattern you just made and pin it to your fabric.

3. Cut out fabric.

4. If you are using lace, wrap your elastic in lace, pin along the length of the elastic and sew the ends with a zigzag stitch. Then sew a  zigzag stitch along the length of the elastic. Be sure not to pull the elastic to taut so that it does not gather. Don't worry about finishing the edges as they will be hidden inside the mask. 

5. Pin lace around the perimeter of the right side of one piece of fabric. (If you are not using lace skip that step) Also pin in place the elastic. The right side is the side that will be seen. Place the other piece of fabric, right side facing right side, and sew. Sew only one end of the elastic to the mask. Leave a small opening for which to pull the fabric through to the right side.

6. After you have pulled all the fabric through the opening you left use a blind hem stitch to close it up and attach the other end of the elastic. If you need a quick overview of how to do a blind hem stitch, click here. If you used lace this is how it should look when turned right side out.

And that's it! Easy, huh?
Yay for really bad quality webcam photos!
I hope you have tons of fun making this!

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